6 November 2019

After three months of visit, the SNB finalized its tour of clubs this Monday, November 4 with a final meeting in the club of Paris Basketball. On the program, the presentation of the new organization of the SNB, its missions and exchanges with players on the important topics of this season 2019-2020. This tour was an opportunity for Jesse Delhomme, new employee of the SNB, to take his first steps as a referent of Jeep Elite and Pro B players. A first field experience which he is satisfied:

“Being a former basketball player, I wanted to show them that I was there for them, to support them in their daily professional sports. The different visits were a very interesting moment and the constructive exchanges. I really felt that the players were listening, involved and trusted in their union. I also believe that the most positive point is certainly the solidarity that exists today between the players when joint actions are implemented through the SNB. The role of young players is important to continue this dynamic. I also thank the clubs, the staffs and the employees who received me well and who give us every year access to their infrastructures. It is important to continue to work together and collaborate so that the players’ potential can continue to express themselves in the most optimal way possible. “

After an already very positive first tour, the SNB continues on the roads of France and is now focusing on the women’s club tour of LFB and LF2 which is already well underway.

The NM1, meanwhile, will not be forgotten either. In the absence of being able to realize a complete tour in the 28 clubs, the SNB will continue its missions with these professional players through various useful steps and necessary to the improvement of the working conditions of the latter.


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