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  • What’s the partial activity?

    Partial activity is a tool to prevent economic redundancies that can be used by companies facing economic difficulties. This system allows the employer to reduce the working hours imposed on its employees. Thus, during periods of partial activity, the contract is suspended but is not terminated.

  • How to implement partial activity?

    In companies with more than 50 employees, the employer must first consult the CSE which represents administrative staff as well as players for advice. Below this threshold, the club must inform you directly of its intention to recourse to partial activity. The club must then make an online request for authorization to the administration which will respond within 48 hours.

  • Who decides the number of hours to be worked during short-time working periods?

    Your club decides. There are two options: - a total closure of the club: in this case, you will not work any hours at all - a partial closure of the club: in this case, the club will have to inform you of the amount of hours to be worked and the conditions under which these hours will be carried out (these conditions will have to be validated by the administration).

  • Is the club allowed to put only some of my teammates on short-time work?

    NO. There must be no inequality of treatment between employees placed in the same situation, i.e. two employees with the same position in the company must receive the same treatment. It is the case for rugby players.


  • Can the club maintain my net salary during the short-time working period?

    YES. The club is only obliged to maintain at least 84% of your net salary during the period of partial activity but completely has the right to pay you more.

  • What is the amount of the partial activity compensation due to the player?

    During periods of partial activity, the club must pay the players a compensation of 70% of their gross salary for each hour not worked. This corresponds to approximately 84% of the net salary. If it is a simple reduction in the number of hours to be worked, the remuneration remains the same for the hours worked. The government could provide exceptional compensation to deal with the current crisis. We will keep you informed of any changes. Example: a player earns 4000 euros net per month. The club decides to set up short-time working and the player only works half of his usual scheduled hours. In this case, the club will pay the player normally for the hours worked, i.e. 2000€, and 84% of 2000€ for the hours not worked, i.e. 1680€. In the end, in this case, the player's net monthly salary will therefore be 3680€ instead of 4000€. On the other hand, if the club decides to stop the activity completely during this month, the player will receive 84% of his net monthly salary, i.e. 3360€ net.

  • Are kilometric allowances taken into account in the calculation of benefits paid during short-time working periods?

    NO. Kilometric allowances are only refunds of expenses and are not included in the calculation of the compensation for short-time working. Consequently the club may decide to stop the payment of kilometric allowances as long as you no longer make these journeys.

  • What happens to my accomodation and car benefits during the short-time working period?

    Benefits in kind are ancillary to the employment contract. They cannot be withdrawn from you during a period of suspension of your employment contract, as it is the case during periods of partial activity. You therefore keep your benefits (e.g. car, accomodation). However, make sure to verify that these are actual benefits in kind. If it is a "cash" benefit, it will be included in the partial activity system (84% net of the sum).

  • What happens to my bonuses (PEE, profit-sharing for example) during the short-time working period?

    Concerning profit sharing several cases may arise depending on the drawing of the profit-sharing agreement. Please contact us for a more detailed analysis.






  • As a foreign player am I free to return home?

    You are free to move around as you like during non-working hours. However, due to the current global context, the French government has taken important measures to limit the movement of people in France and abroad. Furthermore, in the event of an early resumption of training due to an improvement in the health situation, you must be able to go to the club as soon as your employer requests it, subject to sanctions.