Legal advises


The legal department offers consulting and support for all questions related to your work. 


è Contractual relationships: dismissal and breach of your contract, non-payment of your wages, sport agent for example. agent sportif par example

è Integrity: sport betting or doping 

è Health and welfare

è Disciplinary process

è Help for unemployed players…


Negotiation of your CBA


Every month, SNB negotiates your CBA (Jeep Elite and Pro B) with the union of employers and union of coaches

The main purpose is to improve your working conditions. 


Moreover, now, the SNB is negotiating the CBA for women (LFB and LF2).


Negotiation for the pre-electoral agreement and support of staff representative personnel 


The SNB meet all clubs to negotiate the pre-electoral agreement and elect players representative.

Each club has staff representative. 


If you need more information, please contact the SNB.


Assistance of a lawyer 


Do you need a lawyer?

The SNB works in collaboration with Derby Avocat, lawyers specialising in sports law and labour law.


Useful documents :

-        CBA (joindre)

-        Regulations of LNB (joindre)

-        Regulations of FFBB (joindre)


-        list of sports agents (joindre)