How do we help players on dual career services ?

Basket Promotion is a Law 1901- type association, the purpose of which is (art.2 of the statutes) the promotion, in France and abroad, of paid male and/or female basketball players and the organisations that unite them.

Since the SNB cannot sign commercial agreements with private partners, the players decided to create a specialised facility to handle all questions related to the image and retraining of basketball players. However, to fulfil the social mission set by the SNB, being able to mobilise other resources was necessary

Basket Promotion has the capacity to sign partnership agreements with private or public organisations in order to increase their financial capacity notably in light of training and retraining players.

The career of basketball players is an exceptional period, but it is short and unpredictable.

BASKET PROMOTION therefore has a mission to make players (pro or in training) aware of the necessity to take their future in hand. This necessity is even more current since the revenues collected during the career are generally not enough to meet the needs of players after their career.

Via BASKET PROMOTION, the SNB helps players to plan this new career and to this end, serves to inform, guide and support them in their steps towards vocational retraining. All our partners are aware that basketball players are a very special public. Therefore, they adapted the contents of courses and their teachings to the constraints related to your professional activity (duration of contracts, training or rest period).
All our partners propose educational courses, often by distance learning, with on-line teaching platforms, which enable you to follow a course of study at your own rhythm, over one or more sporting seasons.


  • Increasing the awareness of players on the necessity to prepare their retraining.
  • Proposing solutions that are practical and adapted to players' training needs in view of retraining.
  • Finding financial and/or support solutions for these players.
  • Training young players in training centres in the extra-sporting aspects of managing the career of a professional basketball player.
  • Being a pertinent intermediary in terms of continuing vocational training for the clubs.

BASKETBALL PROMOTION informs, advises and guides players:

  • In an adapted choice of training which enables them to succeed in a coherent professional project: competence assessment, guidance, initial training, qualifying vocational training or one that provides a diploma, individualised or in groups.
  • On the possibility of financing vocational training by the OPCA (Uniformation), the regions, Pôle Emploi (employment centre), etc.
  • On the possibility of being hired by companies and the reality concerning the employment market.
  • On finding employment, writing a CV and motivational letters and preparing for employment interviews.