Professionalization of Women's Sport

Apr 27, 2021


Today, one can be a professional sportswoman and...


After several months of collaborative work, the FNASS, of which the SNB is a member, has formalised proposals that it was able to present last week to the Minister Delegate in charge of Sports, Mrs Roxana Maracineanu.


As a reminder, a working group, composed of 12 players*, had been set up four months ago to reflect on the professionalization of women's sport.


You can find the details of our proposals on the FNASS website (


* List of the twelve sportswomen participating in the work: Helena Ciak, Audrey Cordon-Ragot, Lenaïg Corson, Siraba Dembélé-Pavlovic, Kadidiatou Diani, Romane Frecon, Juliette Labous, Eugénie Le Sommer, Endy Miyem, Julie Mollinger, Safi N'Diaye, Isaline Sager-Weider





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