Thomas Heurtel lights up the Jeep Elite!

Apr 20, 2021


The basketball players of the French championship continue to play, despite the health crisis. And the SNB and Proballers continue to follow their performances.


In ASVEL's new victory in Boulazac (67-95), Thomas Heurtel shined for his 6th game since his return: 12 points and especially 14 assists, his record in Jeep Elite, one unit away from his all time record (15 assists with Anadolu Efes in 2017).


In the game with an incredible outcome between Orleans and Le Mans, in the advantage of the latter, Malela Mutuale had given everything by breaking his record of career assists (9 assists).


The milestones of the period in Jeep Elite :


Mickael Gelabale: 2,905 points

Jeremy Nzeulie: 1,805 points

Mouphtaou Yarou : 1 702 points

Axel Julien : 1 601 points

Petr Cornelie: 1,339 points

Wilfried Yeguete: 1,304 rebounds

Myles Hesson : 501 rebounds


Pro B: The French in the spotlight


We start with Paul-Lou Duwiquet who led UJAP Quimper to an 81-78 victory against Gries, with 25 points (career high) at 6/7 from three-point range.


On the other hand, in the short defeat of Fos 66-69 against Blois, Bodian Massa was heroic with 18 points and 15 rebounds (career high), for 27 points in 28 minutes.


The milestones of the Pro B period :


Charles-Henri Bronchard: 4,903 points

David Jackson : 2 005 points

Jean-Michel Mipoka : 1 301 points

Bodian Massa : 412 rebounds

Edouard Choquet: 1,205 assists

Mathieu Guichard : 1,200 assists


LFB : Ingrid Tanqueray and ASVEL Féminin bring down Bourges


Behind Ingrid Tanqueray's career record (24 points out of her team's 76), ASVEL Féminin (14V-4D) inflicted the second defeat of the season on the leader Bourges (16V-2D).


On the other side of the standings, the duel between the two bottom teams largely turned to the advantage of Saint-Amand, winner 98 - 66 against Nantes Rezé, well led by Jasmine Bailey with her 15 points and 14 rebounds (career high).


The milestones of the period in LFB :


Amel Bouderra: 2,814 points

Endy Miyem: 1,900 points and 806 rebounds

Christelle Diallo: 1,408 points

Olivia Epoupa : 1 202 points and 501 assists

Assitan Kone: 709 points


Pauline Lithard: 508 points


Magali Mendy: 401 points


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