SNB and Proballers working together for the benefit of the players

Oct 14, 2019

For the 4th consecutive year, the SNB and Proballers team up to highlight the individual performances of the players. A win-win partnership that, as Benoit Dujardin of Proballers points out, gives LNB players an exposure through their performances in the field:

"With the SNB, we have the means to showcase player performance every weekend. Everyone knows the importance of stats in basketball and with this partnership, we fill, together, a lack. Comparing the performance of players with past generations (historical records) and reporting when they spend important milestones (capes) can bring important storytelling elements to professional basketball. We're also picking up new personal records from Jeep Elite and Pro B players. If it can help local and national media and clubs tell stories, everyone will be a winner. So far, it was not done. So we decided to take the bull by the horns. It's a lot of work every night of the championship day during the regular season but the returns of the players are excellent. This is what drives us to continue."


For Julie Campassens and Jesse Delhomme of SNB, the continuity of this partnership is also essential for several reasons:

"We are acting with our means, but in the interests of players and French basketball Today, players are satisfied with the performance of their performance through the partnership with Proballers Benoit is passionate, it is is very pleasant to work with him on all these topics. After 4 years, we are well-honed but no one really imagines the workload this represents. This year, the operation of the publications will be different from what we did until We are always thinking about the best ways to disseminate this information and we are considering further developments in the coming months. "

Throughout the season, you will find in the last game of the day an article summarizing the best performances of the weekend on the SNB website and publications of the most significant facts on social networks.

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