Amara SY : My only goal is only to protect the player

Jul 29, 2019

Since July 2, a governmental instruction provides details on the possibility for the club to pay players with an image right contract. This image right contract could be exempted from the payment of certain social security contributions for the employer.

This instruction specifies how and on what amounts, perceived by the clubs, the image rights contract can apply to professional sportsmen. For the past few months both FNASS and SNB was asking for clarification.

Although this text makes it possible to see more clearly about the application of this measure, this instruction does not solve everything. It is up to the social partners (UCPB* and SNB) to define the practical implementation in the collective bargaining agreement.

For Amara SY, President of the SNB, all the conditions were not yet met to put this measure in place.

"After several months of negotiations between the UCPB and the SNB, no agreement could be found before June 30. We made several proposal. all refused by the employers. As President of SNB, my goal is more than anything else to protect players interests. In this particular situation, I did not feel that it was the case. With this instruction, the subject will perhaps come back in September. However, my priority will always be to protect the social rights of basketball players. "

* Union of Professional Basketball Clubs

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