Amara SY elected vice president of FNASS

Jan 31, 2019

The elective General Assembly of FNASS took place today in Paris.  Robins Tchale Watchou, president of Provale, was elected to the presidency for a 2-year term. He succeeds Sylvain Kastendeuch, who has been in the role since 2008. 

The SNB is also represented on new board of FNASS since Amara Sy has been appointed Vice President and Quentin Jegou, Deputy Treasurer.


Composition of the board

President: Robins Tchale Watchou (Provale President)

Vice President: Pascal Singer (President UNCP)

Vice President: Sylvain Kastendeuch (UNFP Co-Chair)

Vice President: Bastien Lamon (AJPH President)

Vice President: Amara Sy (SNB President)

Secretary General: Camille Delzant (UNFP Lawyer)

Deputy Secretary General: Jean-Claude Cucherat (Secretary General UNCP)

Treasurer: Jean-Jacques Amorfini (UNFP Vice President)

Assistant Treasurer: Quentin Jegou (SNB Administrative and Legal Manager)

Member: Benoit Henry (AJPH Director)

Member: Romuald Palao (Lawyer)

Member: Laure Vitou (Provale Director)


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