What can happen if you decide not to go with your national team during the international windows

Nov 21, 2017

Fiba international windows changes the landscape of international basketball  2 of those windows will happen during the domestic leagues regular season: 

  • November 20th to  November 28th 2017

  • February 19th to February 27th 2018

And one in July 

  • June 25th to July 3rd  2018

 At the same time, Euroleague and NBA will not stop and continue to play games.  If you’re a Euroleague player or selected to play with your national team you will have to choose between your club and national fédération .


If you’re a Euroleague player and you decide to go play for your national team your club may decide to terminate your contract for breaching your contractual obligations and not following you employers instructions.  


If you’re selected to play with your national team and you decide not to go for personal reasons it can also have enormous consequences. Under fiba regulation you can be sanctioned to participate in any games (local league, FIBA Europe Cup, BCL  or any Continentals championships) for the next ten days after the end of the international window

 This 10 days sanction can also be increased by the national federation


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