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I authorize the SNB to use my email address to send me notices about the union:

I want to join the snb and basket promotion
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For the entire year of my membership as well as the year after, I hereby expressly grant, free of charge and worldwide, the exclusive right to use, directly or indirectly, my name and/or my image for the means of promoting French professional or high level basketball and for the requirements of the Player Union*:

* I hereby allow the national players association, known as the "Syndicat National des Basketteurs", the right to use, for non-commercial or for commercial use with third parties, directly or indirectly, my name and/or my image and/or any other attribute of my personality related to my basketball qualities, on any platform and means of communication internally or externally, and especially on periodical marketing materials such as posts and posters, internet sites or other paper or numerical or other existent, or future marketing tools that could arise in the current or the upcoming season, worldwide. This assignment includes the exclusive right for the French Basketball Players Union to sub-assign this right to any third-party for the means of promoting French professional or high-level basket-ball and the right to make any changes to the initial reproduction of my image that the French Basketball Players Union or its sub-assignees deem necessary, provided that such changes do not alter my image. I also hereby expressly agree that the SNB can disclose my name. In application of the law "Loi Informatique et Libertés du 6 janvier 1978" which translates as law of information and freedom of January 6th 1978, amended by ordinance n°2018- 1125 of December 12nd 2018, you have the right to access, oppose, change and suppress information related to you. You could use that right by sending your demand by postal mail, with a document proving your identity, on the following address: SNB - 5 Rue des Colonnes - 75002 Paris. For further information, please contact us : 01 40 39 19 10.