23 January 2020
Pierric et Ilian

After years of investment in the SNB, Pierric and Ilian have decided to make way for new players in order to fully invest themselves in new professional and personal projects.

For Ilian, his role within the Union will remain a very enriching experience:

“First of all, thank you to the SNB for making me understand that we players were never alone! During my time on the steering committee, I learned that there are a lot of battles to be fought. The players do their jobs and don’t necessarily realize what the SNB does for them on a daily basis. I also discovered very intelligent people, who like this sport, reflect sharing and teamwork. With my personal life, it is now difficult for me to make myself 100% available to continue to help the union as a member of the steering committee. I know that more and more players would like to join the committee so this decision is logical. I am leaving but, as I said to the SNB, I will remain present if needed”.

A positive assessment also shared by Pierric:

“After more than ten years at the service of the players, I have decided to give up my place on the SNB Board of Directors. The players deserve to have involved and available representatives, and my personal and professional projects prevent me from meeting these two criteria.

I would like to thank the Union, its presidents and successive employees, for having worked during all these years with the governing bodies and the various social partners in particular, for the defense of the rights and working conditions of all its members.

Thank you for having trusted me to represent the professional players and make our voice heard during these last ten years.

I wish the SNB to continue to play a major role in the development of our sport and the support of its active members. The best is yet to come”.

The SNB would like to thank Pierric and Ilian for the time they have devoted to the players and the SNB over the past years. An investment that will have allowed the completion of many projects. It is certain that they will remain referents of choice for the SNB.


Julie Campassens

06 60 86 12 23

Arthur Daroux

06 59 17 98 26