1 August 2019

It’s official, Jesse DELHOMME joined the SNB as the new head of player relation, following the departure of Quentin JEGOU at the end of July.

Jesse DELHOMME is no stranger to the SNB since he was until now a member of the board. During his term he was the elected representative of the SNB in ​​the agent commission of the FFBB .

A decision that may seem surprising since he had a great sporting season with Saint-Vallier in National 1. He tells us more about why he decided to stop his career.


Jesse, have you decided to stop your playing career and to start working for the SNB ?

After many years playing professional basketball, I knew that my best years were probably behind me. I felt the desire to do something new, to a create a new chapter of my life. I started slowly to think more seriously about my transition after basketball. Then, following Quentin’s departure, the opportunity to work for the SNB came up. So I decided to go for it. I have been a member of the board since 2012, I know how things works and also the political issues. It was obvious to me to accept this opportunity. I know that there will be a lot of work but I also feel lucky to continue working with the guys.


What will your mission be?

I will be responsible for player relation and collective bargaining. In a few words, I will be responsible for the team visits. To follow the competitions and the events of the LNB and to bring my expertise in the matter of dual career projects. I will also defend their interests before the authorities: the board of the league, the Agents’ Commission and the LNB’s Steering Committee. Finally, the last portfolio will be the relations with the other unions, they are excellent and we need to continue in that direction.


What are your goals for the next few months?

The month of August is the pivotal period of SNB. The moment when we attack the team visit. We already have a meeting scheduled the national team (the visit will take place on August 1st in Pau). Our goal with Julie is to spend as much time as possible with the players. There are a lot of teams. It’s a big challenge but not insurmountable. These few weeks will give us time to work on the strategy of future collective bargaining. There is a lot of work for both men and women. Collectively, we must be aware that we must be united and united to defend our rights. I am convinced that together we will build beautiful things.


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