7 May 2019

As part of an EU funded project, UBE members met on Monday, May 6, 2019 in Milano to discuss the future of the European social dialogue in basketball.

This project has a dual purpose. The first is for UBE to support unions already integrated within the union and to help other countries to build strong and sustainable basketball unions.

For Julie Campassens, SNB representative at the meeting and in charge of European relations, the integration of new unions in UBE is essential:

We find through our various exchanges that even if our unions sometimes have different operating methods and management methods, we often have to face common difficulties. It is therefore essential today to make UBE stronger and more representative so that it is able to effectively convey the voice of players at the European level.

The second objective was to strengthen the European social dialogue in basketball. This meeting was an opportunity to talk more about UBE’s European ambitions and to identify all the players involved in European basketball. At the end of this meeting and this in-depth analysis carried out both at national and European level, UBE was able to define a common strategy aimed at achieving this dual objective.

The next appointment UBE is scheduled for June 2019 in Spain.

About UBE

UBE was created in 1991 and relaunched in 2016 by the Italian (GIBA), Spanish (ABP), Israeli (IBPA) and French (SNB) unions. Today, UBE is involved in many projects aimed both at developing the union and at strengthening the social dialogue at European level.


Julie Campassens

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Arthur Daroux

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