30 November 2018

These visits are of great importance since from this season the players will conduct negotiations to lead to the establishment of a sectoral agreement dedicated to women’s basketball.

“The SNB has always helped and assisted professional players in collective and individual initiatives. With this major support, we want to be active in promoting women’s basketball and improving our status as a professional player, ” said Alice Nayo, vice president of the SNB.

Margaux Okou, member of the board added  :

“We have already organized several meetings between the players and exchanges have multiplied with the Federation, the Union of Clubs and the Union of Coaches in order to eventually lead to the implementation of this sectoral agreement. The SNB’s club tour to meet the players is an important step in the construction of this project. It is the opportunity to exchange, energize and structure our action “

The SNB will thus accompany the players in all these joint negotiations. For Julie Campassens, SNB lawyer and in charge of team visits , the entry into force of this agreement is now essential:

“The French women’s professional sport is booming, we think it is now essential to guarantee the players an environment in line with the professional practice of basketball. This agreement must allow players to benefit from working conditions, social guarantees and professional training adapted to their activity as a basketball player. The visits of the women’s clubs are thus an opportunity to support them in the progress of this project and to prepare the next monthly meetings which will be held from January 2019 “.


Julie Campassens
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Arthur Daroux
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