9 March 2018

After a four years term, Johan Passave-Ducteil wanted to give way the presidency of the union. To replace him Amara Sy was appointed by the board to take a new leading role.


Amara Sy the player, the member of the SNB, now the President of the SNB, what motivated you to put on this costume?

I have always been a member of the SNB because I think it is very important to be interested in what is happening in our sport at the instance level. I have been asked by several members of the Steering Committee to get more involved at the union level, and of course I have responded positively. Johan’s term expiring, they appointed me to take his succession.


The SNB is there to assert the rights of players, defend them, cultivate solidarity to advance basketball in general. It is a collective reflection that we must have. Personally, I never had to call the SNB, because all this has always been good in the clubs where I have evolved, but I always joined because I defend this collective vision. We are fortunate to have an organized union in our country, a strong union, wherein other countries there are no such structures and where players are not protected when they encounter difficulties.

Our goal is to work together, players, coaches, clubs, bodies to advance French basketball and it continues to grow.


President of the SNB, but also president of a NM2 club, is there not the fear of a conflict of interest?

On the court I am versatile player, it is the image of what I am in life. I know how to do several things at once, but above all I know how to do things. Today I am a player first and foremost. Certainly I am president of a club but I remain player. Exactly, I’m in the best position because I know how the players feel and I know how the clubs think. Everyone does not have this possibility.

I would be the fairest and most objective possible. I must show the example, I must be exemplary.


FFBB, LNB, clubs, What is the place of the SNB and players in the basketball landscape in France?

The SNB is not considered worthy. Players are the first players in this sport, it is essential that they are consulted and integrated into all decision-making. They must be aware of the importance of the Union. It’s a force for them. The players want the SNB to do more, but for that they have to invest more. Everyone must put theirs, a strong mobilization is needed to move forward so that a virtuous circle can be triggered. This is precisely because you have no problems that you must invest.




What will be the first projects on which the SNB will position itself?

We will work in the continuity of what has already been done with the members of the Steering Committee already in place for several years. Many topics are on the agenda, we will position in the coming weeks on each of them to make our position heard.

There is a desire to put in place a specific political project for the SNB over several years, as well as a number of processes that will increase our effectiveness on all subjects. There are still too many topics on which players are not consulted. This will be our guideline: Focus on strengthening the position of the players. The work done in this direction by the SNB for several years has been very important, it is necessary to continue this process by strengthening the links between the players and the union. We must recreate a new dynamic by allowing them to invest more, by promoting exchanges, and by coming together. It is all players who must position themselves not only the members of the Steering Committee.


Your arrival also marks an evolution in the organization of the structure. What about this point?

There is indeed a reorganization of the Steering Committee since if Jesse Delhomme continues his action as vice-president of the SNB he is joined to this position by Alice Nayo, player Charters in LF2. Me as LNB player, NM1 player Jesse and Alice as a player, we are representative of all professional basketball and basketball players in France.


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