Collective bargaining agreement LFB

Your employment contract and its approval

The maximum contract length allowed is 5 years.

Termination must be set for June 30th during the season in which the contract expires.

Employment begins as of the date recorded on the contract. As soon as you participate in an activity that qualifies as an “execution of the contract” (training, matches, benefits of any kind), your contract automatically becomes effective

Yes, all contracts must first be approved by the LFB and the club must follow a procedure :

  • Licence granted by the Qualification Commission
  • Approval granted by the Financial Commission of the LFB
  • Approval by the LFB official doctor

A professional basketball player is essentially considered a full time worker (35 hours/week). All of the following qualify as part of your working hours : Training, Preparation, Matches (championship or friendly), promotional and/or commercial and/or demonstration (school) actions, travelling for away games, team meals after a match, time spent with the medical staff (physician, physiotherapist, etc.).

  • At least 11 hours rest after two consecutive working days
  • During periods of travel, this rest period becomes 9 hours
  • Along with the above required rest times, daily rest and at least one entire rest day per week (not necessarily Sunday) are built into your schedule.

Yes, but I have to work at least 17.30 hours per week

Yes you can benefit from the ARE (Return to Employment Allowance) added to your salary. But the team has to pay me at least 50% of my previous salary. If I sign a new contract with the same team I cannot benefit from the same possibility. I must have a full-time employment contract paid by the team.

Yes, but if the employer terminates they must continue to pay your salary until the end of the contract, except in the case of a serious offence by the player, unfitness, "force majeure" or a mutual agreement between player and club.

Yes, but if the player decides to terminate, he must first financially compensate the club with an amount that can be determined only after contract termination.

Yes, it's possible but is not mandatory. If I agree on a trial period the length of it will be based on the duration of my contract and cannot be longer than on month total.

Leave, holidays and tge national team

Yes, the national collective bargaining agreement for sport stipulates at least 5 consecutive days off at the end of the year. This 5 day period must include either Christmas Day or New Year’s Day.

The club must give you :

  • 19 consecutive days between May 1st and and October 31th
  • 5 days during the end of year holidays

My employment contract is suspended during my indisponibily period. But the team must pay my salary and I still receive the benefits in kind agreed in my contract (house, car, etc…).

As a mother you benefit from a home leave of 11 consecutive days, or 18 days in case of multiple births. However, this leave temporarily suspends your employment contract, meaning you will not be paid during this period. In addition, in order to take paternal leave, you must inform your employer at least one month prior to the date when you would like to take your leave.

Yes, you may take 3 days off, as long as they fall within 15 days before or after the birth of the child. Within this window, you do not need to notify your employer of your leave a month in advance, and you will also receive your normal salary.

National Team participation has no effect on your employment contract, and :

  • You will still benefit from the same insurance coverage
  • Your team must release you for all national team practices, games, or other events

Salary and wages

Yes, the national collective bargaining agreement for sport offers a minimum wage of €1407,89 gross per month.

  • You must notify your club by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt.
  • If within the next 15 days the club still has not paid, you are free to terminate your contract and sign with another club*.
    * Please note: pay close attention to the rules to make sure that this situation applies to you

Health and Provident Scheme

I have to complete all the medical exams before i can start practicing.

In case of leave due to injury, you receive your full salary for the first 90 days. After this 90 day period, you will only be paid in social security benefits, amounting to €3269 per month, the maximum sum allowed by the program.

There is no second medical evaluation independently organised by the LFB but the club must follow the procedure of the french social security system.

  • It is up to the social security doctor to define if I can benefit from pension.
  • The pension is calculated based on my age, my future hability to work and the type of job I was doing.

Yes, the national collective bargaining agreement for sport stipulates that I can benefit from pension of 300% of my gross annual salary.


You may be summoned by the disciplinary commission for further inquiry into the circumstances of your misconduct.

It means that you may no longer participate in training or matches for the duration of your suspension. Your club may also decide to suspend your pay, but this decision comes at their own discretion.

You cannot be excluded from everyday activities such as training and game preparation.

Transfer and recruitment

Clubs may recruit a maximum of 14 players under contract players through March 24.

Yes you can change clubs throught March 24. I can change only once.

Yes, you can join an LF2 club after playing in the LFB. However, you must make a commitment to one team before March 24.

The use of your personnal image right

Yes, your individual image belongs to you. You may freely use your own image for commercial, advertising or promotional activities on condition that you do not refer to the club that you play for. You must also notify the club each time you wish to be involved in a promotion.

Yes, but only under the following conditions:

  • Your image is used in association with the images of at least three other players on your team
  • The image of your club is also included
  • Yes, as a professional player you must be available to participate in club promotions.
  • However, the club must inform you at least 5 days in advance of the promotion, except for in the case of a basketball promotion in a School or University.

Education, training and transition

  • Yes. All clubs must establish an educational plan to help players in their transition from basketball.
  • The other option is to use the CPF (Personnel Education Account).

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