The SNB and the Women's Basketball League

Sep 22, 2017

The French Basketball Federation wants a collective bargaining agreement (C.B.A.) for the players of the Women's Basketball League (LFB). That's why the SNB has put in place an action plan to involve the players in this process.

First of all, the SNB has created a specific page on its official website where players can find a simplified version of the LFB regulations and the National Sport C.B.A.. Organised with questions the players may have, it helps women to know their current working rights, such as how are working hours are calculated, if there is a minimum LFB wage, what happens in case of injury. These are practical questions to which the SNB provides a clear answer to players who often lack information.

The SNB will also dedicate a day per week to women players. Every Thursday, on its social medias, the SNB will highlight specific themes of their existing working environment. 

Finally, the SNB will go this weekend to Troyes and Tour to meet the players during the Pre-Opens. The SNB will hold collective informations meeting with all participating teams.

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